Lady Macbeth

Director: William Oldroyd

Digital Intermediate: Dirty Looks

Head of DI: Tom Balkwill

DI Producer: Maria Stroka

Colourist: Vanessa Taylor

Online Editor: Gareth Bishop

Feature Film, 2017.

The unsettling tale of a young woman’s relentless struggle for control and happiness within the constraints of a watchful society. Rooted in the wilds of Northumberland, Katherine finds herself childless and friendless, stifled by her marriage of convenience to a rich industrialist twice her age. She yawns about the empty house, missing the barefoot freedom of her childhood and finds nothing to love or occupy her for even the briefest moment. Sebastian, a worker on her husband’s estate seduces her, not realising that her passions, once awoken, will attach to him so fiercely that she will stop at nothing to keep hold of him.