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Pigeon moves in from Trafalgar Square

This fella was lost, hungry, and needed somewhere warm. No, I’m not talking about Gareth. The lamp has a remote control and all, though that was a Dirty Looks modification. It’s not quite ‘D65’ but what can you do. Also it’s cheaper than FTPing clients large files. Anna Odel, we […]

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Medium Rare Beef – Hue Shifting with Jamie Oliver at Splice

This was a sweet freelance gig (with horseradish), from my friends over at Splice TV in Shoreditch, helping out the talented Chris Rogers. Out of a massive 40 episodes I did about a (baker’s) dozen of them. The highlite was helping to portray the perfect slice of beef in his […]

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The Carpenter’s Arms

If I had a pub it could be called The Blind Beggar, next to where I got married. Or perhaps the Whiter Than White Horse, but I don’t have a pub. Instead I’ve got a Baselight, which cannot dispense beer but can certainly be used to make beer look even […]

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My Dad The Communist

Short Film: 2009 Director: Lab Ky Mo Producer – Michael Berliner Colorist – Tom Balkwill TONY is a teenager whose ‘inscrutable’ CHINESE DAD has a near-death experience in a car crash. TONY yearns to break down the cultural barriers between him and his Dad before it’s too late. Official Selection: […]

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Colorist Tom Balkwill

Perfect To Begin

Directed by Richard Lawson Colourist – Tom Balkwill Reckless boyfriend, Nav, attempts to impress new girlfriend Lisa with a surprise holiday. What Lisa thinks could be the beginning of a great weekend and bonding experience for her new man and daughter, soon descends into chaos. HD Cam 2007 RUNNER UP […]

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