Launched in March 2017, Dirty Looks Belgium specialises in UK/Belgium co-productions, streamlining the creative process between the two countries for film and TV within the Belgian Tax Shelter system.

Fitted with the same 6m screen as our London Baselight theatre, the Belgian studio enables a truly seamless co-production experience and has worked with features Disobedience (dir. Sebastián Leilo) and Calibre (dir. Matt Palmer). Dirty Looks Belgium in conjunction with Aquarium Belgium are assisting filmmakers tap into the incentives offered via Belgian spend, which can be a tax credit of up to 45% of the post production spend.

The workflow is set up so that project’s picture data is mirrored between the two cities and two Baselight theatres. Whilst the grade is running in Belgium with the Director and colourist, the UK team are able to review screenings of work in progress. VFX reviews of Belgian work can also run in London during the run-up to the grade, along with an option of retaining a day in the UK outside ‘Belgian Spend’ to enable final creative sign-off to happen in the UK.

Camera tests, meetings and other ancillary services can also be arranged in London, thus helping travel and accommodation time prior to hopping on the Eurostar for the grade in Brussels. We think it’s a fantastic offering, our clients love it.